Monday, November 1, 2010

Session III

Role of AGN during active, high SFR phase

  • growth of AGN during massive SFR phase
  • impact of AGN: global feedback,impact on ISM and dust
Invited Talks
Phil Hopkins
How do Massive Black Holes Get their Gas (and Get Rid of It)?
Eliot Quatert
Feedback From Radiation Pressure During theGrowth of Massive Galaxies and Their Central Black Holes
Dieter Lutz
A Herschel View on Star Formation in High Redshift AGN Hosts
Contributed Talks
Stephanie Juneau
Linking starbursts, Major Mergers, and Absorbed AGNS at Redshift~0.7
Jerry Ostriker
The Two-Phase Evolution of Massive Galaxies
Discussion led by Tim Heckman

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